We're Lovers, Not Fighters.

Choose kindness. We're lovers, not fighters. Whilst collagen is a rising trend in the world of beauty, there is equal-part rising towards using animal sourced collagen in the name of 'beauty'. Did you know that the collagen that's found in most beauty products is extracted from cattle, pig or fish skin? Collagen is actually a protein that your body makes naturally and it can be achieved using a natural cruelty-free option. Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN is that option! Collagen is often referred to as the body's glue or scaffolding system. It holds everything together. It's one of the main components that make up some of the body's most important parts, including tendons, muscles, cartilage and skin. Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN basically helps boost collagen production naturally. It contains a unique patented natural wheat seed extract known as Ceramosides™. It also includes Colloidal Mineral Silica, Acerola Berry and Vitamin C. Vitamin C and Mineral Silica maintain skin health and support natural collagen formulation. It's also free from gluten, yeast, dairy or soy. Even Jade Kisnorbo from the House Of Wellness agrees that there's a cruelty-free choice to bettering your collagen choices. "A lot of people aren't aware that collagen itself is derived from animal sources" expresses The Look host in demystifying the collagen buzz. Choose to be a lover, not a fighter. Choose kindness with Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN.

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