5 of the best skin nutrients from nature

There is no shortage of nutrients, compounds and even toxins that are touted as a must-have for your skin, however many of us prefer to get back to basics and keep it natural. Do these natural nutrients really work though for tired or dry skin, fine lines or skin sensitivity? Yes! These are the tried and true, the tested and most researched nutrients to nourish your skin towards a truly natural and healthy glow.

Aloe Vera

This well known plant is a staple for its skin nourishing benefits, tried and tested through the ages. The inside gel is where the highly nutritive polysaccharides, antioxidants and vitamins are found, that hydrate and heal the skin to minimise damage, scarring and ageing.

Best for: problem skin, inflammation, sensitive or dry skin.


You may have heard of ceramides. They are a natural component of our skin’s structure and importantly our skin barrier. Composed of essential fatty acids they help the skin to hold moisture. Clinically proven for its high skin moisturisation, anti-ageing effects and overall improvement in skin appearance, Ceramosides™ is an all-natural wheat seed extract containing a complex of ceramides.

Best for: dry skin, ageing skin, and skin disorders where dryness is a feature such as psoriasis, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Find it in: Qsilica Pro Collagen tablets contain Ceramosides along with silica and Vitamin C for best results. Include foods in your diet containing essential fatty acids to further support the skin.


Silica is the second most abundant mineral on earth, found in rock crystals such as quartz sand. (Fun fact: it’s what the Q stands for in Qsilica!) This mineral is all about strength and structure for our connective tissues such as skin, hair, nails, and teeth. Atkin says, “Whilst we focus a lot on what we put on our skin, an essential nutrient like silica really does give the foundation the skin needs from within”.

Best for: Absolutely any skin concerns and particularly sagging skin with loss of elasticity.

Find it in: colloidal mineral form as a supplement will give the best results, which is why you can find it in all of our Qsilica products. Along with silica rich foods such as banana’s, oats, beans, cucumbers and sprouts.

Vitamin C

“This natural antioxidant is great for our skin as it supports the formation of collagen, and protects against free radical damage”, says Atkin. Important for healing and cellular regeneration, it can brighten a tired complexion with its high flavonoid content, whilst returning structural integrity.

Best for: dull complexions, poor healing, broken capillaries, signs of premature ageing.

Find it in: Qsilica Pro Collagen tablets along with the most commonly known fruits such as citrus, paw paw and berries.


Resveratrol is a powerful botanical compound containing antioxidant polyphenols found in high concentrations in the plant Japanese Knotweed, and also the skins of some fruits such as grapes (Fun fact: it’s also found in Red Wine!). “As our skin is a key visible marker of our age, the protective actions of resveratrol make it a well suited skin nutrient for healthy ageing and reducing signs of premature ageing”, says naturopath Shelley Atkin.

Best for: daily protection for skin and the all over benefits of antioxidants. Those exposed to environmental pollutants should take special note of this nutrient. A key nutrient when skin begins to show signs of damage to protect against further cellular breakdown.

Find it in: supplement form from selected health food stores or pharmacies. Yes, it is in red wine, although 60 litres a day for a therapeutic amount is not recommended! Include plenty of antioxidants in your diet such as blueberries and strawberries.

By extracting these active ingredients from nature, you can support your skin from the inside and out.

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