Do You Know Where Your Collagen Supplement Is Sourced From? The Answer May Surprise You

Collagen is a dynamic beauty boosting protein that functions within the body to provide hydration and structural support for the skin. Think of it as the ‘super glue’ that works to hold, sustain and nourish the skin for a radiant and healthy complexion. Collagen levels, however, begin to deplete as we age which can result in fine lines, wrinkles, bags and many more beauty anxieties.

Most shoppers are unaware that many collagen supplements available in-store are often derived from chemically enhanced animal by-products. In most cases, if you are purchasing a collagen peptide powder or capsule you are buying a form of hydrolysed type-1 collagen, which would have been extracted from animal hides, pulverised bones or fish scales.

The basic extraction of this hydrolysed collagen is done by using a process of cooking cartilaginous animal materials, often from cows, rabbits, chickens or other farm animals. A similar process is often witnessed during the cooking of meat bones in broth.

Collagen extracted this way, overall, can also contain traces of other animal matter such as fats, salts and CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations) derivatives. For example, think of factory-farmed chickens fed genetically engineered corn feed with pesticides. In essence, when consuming CAFO/factory farmed animal by-products you are also likely consuming derivatives of chemical analytes used to feed the animals to make them grow fatter and faster.

There is nothing entirely beautiful about consuming animal discards or chemical analytes. There is also nothing pretty about the poor conditions that these factory-farmed animals are kept in.

Alternatives, however, do exist for those wishing to try the natural and altruistic beauty benefits of a vegan friendly collagen-boosting supplement.

Ethically soured collagen supplements, even for those who are not vegan, are a worthwhile alternative to explore for all beauty aficionados. However, we always recommend speaking with your GP prior to commencing any form of supplementation.

Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN is a natural vegan choice supported by science.

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